The Boss

The leader of the Pact.


His only appearance so far has been in his battle between himself, Inigo, Shira, Jean Luc and Zander.

He demonstrated tremendous strength and martial arts ability, as well as a power to control his blood, alter his body composition and heal his wounds. He seems to be a combination of several other creatures, and appears to have, among others, the skin of a goliath and dragon transplanted into his body.

He has also demonstrated abilities of a mage by using the spell Scorching Ray, and an ability, possibly Wu Jen in origin, to change his arm into metal. He was also able to reflect attacks back toward those who launched them.

His greatest ability however, is to summon an aura of a mysterious, decaying skeletal creature that follows his movements. It is unknown if the creature follows his movements, or he follows its movements.

The Boss

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