The Hunters of Myth

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The Ruins

After some talking, the pair of thieves decided to give our adventurers a test to prove their mettle. They were tasked with taking the strange cube to a set of ruins on Gray Island.

Along their way, they encountered a young druid named Scarlett and her companion wolf, Keller. Sensing their great combat aptitude, they decided to bring her along.

After buying some shovels from an old man, they dug through a hill of garbage down to the ancient ruins. After avoiding some traps they arrived at a room with some strange sarcophagi in it. A group of ghouls blocked their path, but defeated them.

A strange ring of stone rotated around the group and imprinted some strange lights into the now spherical cube.

Their excitement was cut short as a strange man in a cloak and mask suddenly flew into the room.

Capital City

Our group finds their way to the shining star of the Goa Kingdom, Capital City. Taking advice from a certain gnome, they make their way to the famous museum. After Rebo successfully bluffed a security guard, they made their way inside to see a new exhibit.

Inside, they found the object, but also a pair of thieves who stole it.

After sneaking out, they made their way to the Heaven’s Arms Hotel. There, Rebo encountered the two thieves. After some vague threats, a group of Orcs and Goblins attacked. Our heroes and their allies managed to defeat them, and quickly made their escape as a loud buzzing filled the room.

With that, they arrived on Gray Island.


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